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In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS)

In-Vehicle Monitoring System acts as a dashboard fleet management system that allows a fleet manager to manage the entire fleet’s performance, monitor the location of the vehicles and driver behaviours, improving the efficiency of fleet management. All these data can be monitored for compliance from a single location. This technology has proven to be very helpful in many industries.

What we do

When your business relies on logistics to meet the day-to-day deliverables and maintain customer satisfaction, monitoring your fleet is always necessary. In-vehicle monitoring systems are crucial in integrating fleet management systems, offering innovative ways to make your fleet more efficient and profitable.

A fleet management system embraces an integrated approach to telematics that offers far more than viewing your vehicles on a map. While fleet asset tracking is an integral part of fleet management, one should not stop with checking their company vehicles’ location from time to time. Should you wish to ensure that your fleet and drivers are safe from road accidents and are all working properly to meet the requirements for your daily business operations, an in-vehicle monitoring system is necessary.

By combining basic telematics with additional tools or enablers, our fleet solutions deliver actionable intelligence to solve complex vehicle and driver-related problems. Aside from the vehicle GPS tracking system that enables you to locate every vehicle in your fleet as long as it stays within the parameters, our solutions include other driver monitoring capabilities such as speeding, harsh breaking. harsh cornering, fuel consumption and usage of seatbelt.

In-Vehicle Monitoring System tracks driver activities, behaviour and key vehicle metrics. This technology helps fleet managers analyze data through the portal, reduces cost of operations and improves the profitability for the business. The seamless visibility of data and critical business intelligence allows timely and informed decision-making to help companies improve driver and asset safety, increase productivity and efficiency as well as assure compliance with regulations.

Girl using fleet management system

How we can help your businesses

Driver Scoring
  • Measure precise vehicle movements
  • Active tracking
  • Real-time notifications
Advanced Reporting
  • Customizable
  • Vehicle health reporting
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Report
Collision Prevention
  • Collision detection
  • Real time warnings
  • Forensic reconstruction
Custom Mapping
  • Design own maps
  • Flexibility in map views, legends, zone
  • Geofencing


Improve Productivity

Better management of assets and clear visibility of fleet performance. Provides timely scheduling and licensing reminders to reduce vehicle downtime.

Lower petrol costs

Monitors and reports on fuel-wasting behaviors including, speeding, excessive idling, sudden acceleration and hard braking.

Mobility in Data

Fleet managers are able to access the dashboard on the go; anytime, anywhere.

Strengthen compliance with regulations

Automated data ensures that rules are being complied with and recordings can be used to prove compliance


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