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Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

Focus and attentiveness are crucial to safe driving. As most car accidents are rooted in drowsiness, loss of focus, and intoxication, the driver monitoring system is very important. A device installed in a vehicle’s dashboard can be used as a drowsiness detection system to assist in driver’s fatigue management. It will alert the driver when his/her attention is wavering.

What we do

According to the World Health Organization, there are a significant number of road accidents caused by human errors being reported from all parts of the world every year. The leading causes of such accidents are driving while under the influence of alcohol as well as drowsiness while driving. These can be prevented with technologies like a driver monitoring system that aims to analyze the facial signals from the driver to detect sleepiness, inattentiveness, and other behaviours that can trigger accidents.

Essentially, Driver Monitoring System safeguards the well-being of drivers and other road users through intelligent algorithms that monitor and intervenes to prevent accidents. It is a key focus for fleet managers to ensure maximum drivers’ productivity and to minimize downtime of both drivers and vehicles. This technology detects the level of driver’s attentiveness and alerts both the driver and his manager of any fatigue or distraction events.

Also known as the drowsiness detection system, these solutions are built on a technology that is unobstructed, accurate, reliable and intelligently aware. There is no need for the driver to wear anything or modify their behaviour. The technology does not require cooperation, calibration or any prior knowledge of the driver, making it an ideal solution for driver’s fatigue management.

Our driver monitoring system is designed with infrared sensors that can pick up signals in the day and night from the driver’s facial features to monitor his attentiveness. When the system detects signs of drowsiness, it will alert the driver through audio and haptic alert and send the notification to the manager on shift. Our driver monitoring system technology does not intrude on the privacy of the drivers, it simply track faces and eyes, it solves real-world problems and saves lives.


How we can help your businesses



Real Time Driver Fatigue and Distraction Accident Prevention Solution
Improve Productivity

Better management of assets and clear visibility of fleet performance (including driver behaviour)

Real Time Driver Fatigue and Distraction Accident Prevention Solution
Protect your Drivers and the community

Prevents accidents from occurring with real time fatigue and distraction intervention alerts

Real Time Driver Fatigue and Distraction Accident Prevention Solution
Mobility in Data

Fleet managers are able to access the dashboard on the go; anytime, anywhere.

Real Time Driver Fatigue and Distraction Accident Prevention Solution
Analyst Verified Events

Real-time fatigue & distraction event validation by an agent at the 24/7 SafeGuard Centre.


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