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Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Irresponsible driving and other faults caused by human errors are responsible for nearly all car accidents across the world. These can be avoided using Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. The goal of this vehicle system is to reduce vehicular accidents through blind spot monitoring system, vehicle collision avoidance system and more.

What we do

Protecting your fleet’s investment and maintaining safety standards are essential factors in managing a successful fleet operation. Our suite of fleet safety solutions actively engages operators in order to reduce the possibility of accidents, reduce vehicle downtime, and mitigate potential risks, including legal and public safety.

Advanced driver assistance systems are a collection of vehicular technologies that assist drivers to reduce the risk of unforeseen accidents while on the road. It increases road safety by improving driver awareness of their environment. ADAS uses technologies such as sensors and cameras to identify surrounding impediments and driver faults to respond appropriately. The most prominent features of this technology are the blind spot detection sensor and vehicle collision avoidance system.

Safety features are intended to prevent accidents and collisions by providing technologies that notify the driver of potential hazards such as human being, surrounding objects, and approaching vehicles.

We help provide active assistance to detect obstacles that heavy-duty equipment operators cannot see through collision mitigation systems to avoid costly accidents. Our technology is designed and engineered to provide the most functional and reliable systems possible to better equip operators with the right tools to help them operate safely in today’s busy world. It helps to avoid unnecessary costs incurred by reducing accidents and downtime, hence improving the profitability and reputation for the business.


How we can help your businesses

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Improve Productivity

Mitigating risks by reducing or eliminating the incidence of preventable collisions to reduce vehicle downtime.

Lower costs and Improved Efficiency

In preventing potential collisions, assets and operators are protected, hence improving operational efficiency.

Uphold Brand Integrity

Protects the reliability and reputation of your company

Made for rugged usage

Our ADAS technology functions in extreme environments and does not affect the performance in any way; keeping drivers safe whenever, whatever.


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Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

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