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Our solutions are specially designed to meet various industries’ expectations and help them in their day to day business operations. We provide industry-grade driver monitoring and fleet management systems along with other technologies to improve fleet operations, meet demands and improve safety for the company, drivers and operators and the assets.

Our driver monitoring system provides real-time updates regarding the driver’s for fleet managers who are overseeing operations through the control centre as well as the operators who can access the updates through their dashboards. This will help in enhancing the safety of the drivers and of the community.

Guardian South East Asia provides an in-vehicle monitoring system to assist the vehicle operators in blindspot detection, finding routes and limiting speed. This, coupled with the fleet management system helps the fleet managers in the day to day operations as well as brings accountability to the fleet operations.

Our vehicle collision avoidance system is designed to help vehicle operators in road accidents through the use of sensors. These sensors are attached to the outer parts of the vehicle and can detect pedestrians, objects and other vehicles that are getting into the vehicle’s peripherals.


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