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  • The importance of driver safety seems reasonably apparent. The person behind the wheel has a heavy responsibility for protecting the...

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  • aerial view of parking spaces

    The number of companies incorporating GPS tracking technology in their operation has increased in recent years. There are...

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  • blue ten wheeler truck at roadside

    Adverse weather such as thunderstorms can pose a considerable risk for your fleet. The best way to deal with adverse weather is to...

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  • man in blazer putting on seatbelt

    Keeping your fleet safe is vital to an organisation that relies on one for its day-to-day operation. A company's losses due to...

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  • man in truck using mobile phone

    Running a fleet comes with many challenges. Keeping your organisation's operation profitable by being on top of things is vital.

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  • multiple green trucks

    Running a waste management fleet presents its own set of challenges unique to the industry it serves. There are several different types of...

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  • hands on the steering wheel

    Distracted driving poses a severe hazard to everyone, and the statistics available reflect this. Data show that distracted driving accounts...

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  • 2 white trucks

    The importance of implementing the proper practices for managing a fleet can not be understated. Effective fleet management can result in...

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  • man in car using walkie-talkie

    Having a good relationship between a fleet manager and the drivers is essential for any organisation that utilises a fleet in its operations.

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