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About Us

Protecting drivers around the World

Guardian Southeast Asia (SEA) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VS Industry Berhad(VSI); a leading integrated Electronics Manufacturing Services provider in the region offering one-stop manufacturing solutions to world-renowned customers globally.

Together with our Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed subsidiary, V.S. International Group Limited, VS has advanced manufacturing facilities located in Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Vietnam.

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Guardian SEA bridges the gap for businesses in this region with manufacturing needs. Expanding on our parent company’s strong foothold in the market, Guardian SEA enables advanced technologies solutions seekers by facilitating the process of transforming ideas into realities.

The other focus of our business targets fleet management solutions. At Guardian SEA, we value the safety of your drivers and the lifespan of your fleet. Through cutting-edge technologies that come from decades of research and development, your fleet management systems can be agile and transparent.

Get ahead of the curve with analytics that is readily available and self-serving on the online platform to better understand the performance of your fleet operation. Leverage on the data to improve overall productivity, optimize fleets through the reduction of fuel consumption, mitigate potential risks and enhance the safety of your drivers.

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Guardian South East Asia believes that road accidents due to human error can be prevented with the right technology. Apart from saving lives and assets, our technologies can improve efficiency, accountability and reliability for business-owned fleets and company vehicles. Our driver’s fatigue management system, dashboard fleet management and vehicle collision avoidance system are just some of the technologies we are offering that are proven to help vehicle operators while on the road as well as helping the fleet managers through sending real-time updates to the control centre. Here are the various industries where our technologies are proven to be useful.


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